We believe women everywhere have the right to survive and thrive. Please join us as we look towards a brighter future. Becoming a member of the Metropolitan New York Chapter is easy: either join online or contact us for more information. Members receive complimentary attendance to our expert panels and film screenings, as well as discounts to our fundraising events throughout the year. Additionally, members are able to serve on our committees [note: link to Committees page], which directly impact our organization’s abilities to carry out our mission. We are creating a world with more opportunity and safety for women. Your voice is powerful – tell the world why equality for every woman and girl is worth fighting for. Join us, become an agent of change and connect with people who want to make gender equality a reality.  


The Metropolitan New York Chapter is not able to carry out its mission without the help of our amazing members who volunteer their time. Every day people serve on various committees, listed below, either to contribute their professional skills and knowledge for the benefit of our chapter, to learn new skills or to meet like-minded people. You can help support our chapter by joining one of our committees:
Programming + Advocacy
The Programming Committee develops and executes expert panels and film screenings for the Metro NY community. These events align with UN Women’s mission and educate members and interested audiences about the issues that most concern the UN Women NYC community. Included are the annual events for 16 Days and CSW. To find out more, contact
Marketing + Membership
The Marketing + Membership committee is responsible for promoting the chapter’s events and UN Women communications to the local area. This is done through email marketing, invitations, community outreach, public relations or social media. Volunteers with craft skills – such as photography, videographer and graphic design also find themselves on this committee. Marketing + Membership also is in charge of the development of members, whether that means recruiting them or retaining them. To learn more, contact them at
The Fundraising team is responsible for generating monetary proceeds for UN Women, both in concept and in execution. They also help coordinate Programming + Advocacy’s grant-writing efforts for the chapter’s capacity building.
Young Professionals
The Young Professionals committee (YPs) cultivate and engage with young professionals through social activities and events throughout New York City so that the next generation of the city’s leaders are prepared to stand up for or participate in gender parity. To learn more, contact:
The Technology committee is in charge of the technological infrastructure and digital accounts for the Metro NY chapter, including the email system, web hosting, member database and more. To help out, reach out to
The Finance committee oversees the approval of each committees’ budget, the chapter’s budget, Treasurer Reports and taxes. They also make sure committees are adhering to the financial guidelines set forth by USNC and the chapter.


In addition to the human capital of its membership volunteering, the chapter also achieve its mission of awareness and giving through organizational, institutional and enterprise partnerships. Organizational Partnerships allow the chapter to hold Social Giving Happy Hours. When the chapter throws one of these events, they highlight non-profit organizations based in NYC that align with UN Women’s issues and implement solutions that are beneficial to female populations within NYC or abroad. By doing this, the Metro NY chapter also enables its members to network with other members from the chapter and organization and contribute non-monetary donations (such as clothing, feminine hygiene products, etc). To be considered for an organizational partnership, please contact Institutional Partnerships are local high schools or universities that host the Metro NY chapter for some of its events. In return, the chapter engages with the student populations in a number of different ways, such as complimentary tickets to the expert panels, workshops, speaking in classrooms or mentoring school clubs. Previous partnerships included Marymount Manhattan College. To learn more, please reach out to Enterprise Partnerships include for-profit businesses and corporations who are interested in creating a bilateral relationship with the Metro NY chapter. It is similar to an Institutional Partnership in that the business or corporation offers up resources helpful for the chapter’s capacity building, but that the reciprocal offer is customized to the enterprise. This could include workshops for employees, the ability to address the audience at an event, speak on panels and much more. Partnerships include Womensphere Global Network and YWCA Brooklyn. To find out more, contact