Who We Are


Based in NYC, we are the only official NGO partner in the U.S. solely dedicated to supporting UN Women programs that promote the social, political and economic equality of women worldwide. We passionately believe that gender equality is a human right, and that the empowerment of women has the powerful potential to improve the economy, security and overall wellbeing of society. 


Why You Should Support Us

Funding UN Women’s activities is the most effective way to help women and girls to create a better future. Learn how we are transforming our passion to end gender discrimination into action, through education, advocacy and fundraising. 


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Supporting UN Women locally. Improving the status of women worldwide. 


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Get Involved

Please join us as we look towards a brighter future. Becoming a member of the Metro NY chapter is easy: either join online or contact us for more information.


The Metro NY chapter carries out its mission with the help of amazing members who volunteer their time by serving on various committees and contributing their professional skills and knowledge.

We are passionate about collaborating with likeminded businesses, academic institutions and other organizations that align with our mission. Whether you are in the corporate or non-profit sector, you can get involved.

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