Annual Meeting Welcomes New Board Members

Our biggest event of the year was the Annual Meeting and panel on Women in Technology, which both took place at Microsoft on May 17. The program was excellent and the audience of about 150 were highly impressed by the conversation between the panelists about topics such as how to overcome gender bias in companies and how technology can be used to advocate for women’s rights globally and in the US. The inspiring women who participated in the panel were Meg Jones, chief, Economic Empowerment Section for UN Women; Beverly Neufeld, president, PowHer New York and member of the NYC Commission on Gender Equity; Ope Aladekomo, senior product manager, McKinsey & Company; Melerick H. Mitchell, talent development architect and founder of Drive Influence; Bev Hess, senior director IT for retail stores and leader of Microsoft’s global women’s committee; and Melissa Marmol, account executive and leader of Microsoft’s NY women’s committee.

The Annual Meeting also marked the beginning of our 30th anniversary year. We are pleased to welcome our new vice president, Allison Luvera, who is the director of luxury marketing for Pernod Ricard USA and has been the cochair of the Marketing Committee, leading and coordination the expansion of the committee to build on the expertise of all involved. We also welcome to the board Sandra Barron, Mikki Brammer, Stephanie Bruder, Giselle Bowyer, Shweta Ghuge,  Laura Clayton McDonnell and Yinan Xia. Welcome back Abaynesh Asrat and Kathleen Tompkins who are starting their second two-year terms.

Thanks to outgoing members Kathie Bolognese, who served as vice president from 2013–2017, and Claire O’Connor, who served as vice president from 2013–2015. Other outgoing members – to whom we are extremely grateful – are Stephanie Newhouse, Jessica Brown and Harriet Mouchly-Weiss. We thank them all for their contributions to the board.

As we prepare for our 30th Anniversary in October this year, we plan to celebrate 30 Champions of Change who have made significant difference in the lives of women and girls, through their professional, personal or volunteer efforts in the Metro New York area and globally. On October 18, we will honor  several of these champions at our 30th Anniversary event. More than ever, we all need to stand together with those who support UN Women’s mission of women’s empowerment and gender equality to make Metro NY, the US and the world a better and safer space for women and girls.

Mikki Brammer