Champion of Change: Amy Hall

Amy Hall has a position title you don’t hear every day – she's the vice president of social consciousness for EILEEN FISHER.

While most brands think in terms of an outward-facing corporate responsibility, Amy – who started as the assistant to the CEO at EILEEN FISHER 24 years ago – has led the company in a different direction, in which positive change starts within. It champions human, environmental and economic sustainability as part of its business model, in order to contribute to a better and more sustainable future for the whole planet. “Consciousness felt more authentic to what we are actually doing,” Amy says.

Looking towards the future, she believes all businesses need to go through self-examination: “Any company that doesn’t take gender parity seriously is going to leave people behind.” And while many in the retail world align with the adage sell, sell, sell, Amy asks, “How can we be happy with less? Can companies examine how much profitability is the right profitability?” She points out that while mass-market consumerism has lowered prices, “someone somewhere paid for it,” whether it’s through labor conditions or environmental degradation. 

Amy supports the company’s efforts to embrace its B Corporation and Benefit Corporation values, which call for rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.  She is also co-creating a new impact and innovation circle at the company, which places social consciousness at the leading edge of innovation for EILEEN FISHER. But when it comes to who inspires this truly inspiring woman, she’s quick to answer: “My two daughters. I worry every day about the future we are creating for them.” 

Amy is one of the many inspiring people selected as part of our Champions of Change campaign, which honors individuals who have made a difference in the lives of women and girls in the Metro New York area or globally.

Mikki Brammer