Champion of Change: Justyna Kedra


Justyna Kedra is a young entrepreneur who actively empowers women in business through her visionary organization WE Rule, a global network that connects female entrepreneurs with mentors and investors. 

Discovering that less than 2% of successfully venture-funded start-up projects are led by women, Justyna founded WE Rule three years ago to proactively build more entrepreneurial opportunities for women. The collaborative network, which has more than 1200 members, promotes partnerships between female entrepreneurs from all around the world and helps them build their business and network opportunities. Justyna connects and facilitates collaborations between members, liaises with investors and external partnerships, and provides business advice to help members to broaden their opportunities for funding and business growth.  

With a passion for supporting people who think outside the box and who want to change the world, Justyna aims to raise one million dollars in funding that will support more female entrepreneurs within the network. She has also recently developed a networking app that will enable women in business to connect, gain exposure and seek investment from venture capitalists.  

Justyna is one of the many inspiring people selected as part of our Champions of Change campaign, which honors individuals who have made a difference in the lives of women and girls in the Metro New York area or globally.

Mikki Brammer